What are porcelain crowns, and why do I need them?

When it comes to restorative dentistry, many restorations look like standard dental work has been done. However, the Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc team wants dentistry to be undetectable and entirely natural. No one wants to have dental work noticeable within their smiles when they socialize with others. San Jose, California area patients who need repairing a single tooth, may find the dental crown the most reliable option for their needs.

Understanding the dental crown

A dental crown is a restoration made of porcelain fabricated in the same color as the existing teeth for the patient. That ensures that the dental crown looks completely natural while providing an extra layer of strength and protection for the tooth it is covering. A front tooth crown will look like a natural tooth when created and placed by a skilled cosmetic dentist. This ceramic cap for teeth allows significantly damaged or weakened teeth to remain in place, protecting them from damage. Without the placement of a dental crown, a tooth might need to be permanently extracted.

How does a dental crown work?

The dental crown works by offering another layer of protection. If a weakend tooth does not have a dental crown and a patient bites down on a cube of ice, the natural tooth can crack beyond repair and require removal. However, a tooth that has a dental crown may protect the tooth underneath it. While the dental crown might break in this situation, it can protect the natural tooth from experiencing the same problem, keeping it in place for patients.

How long does a dental crown take?

Crowns are made at an outside laboratory, so Drs. Provenzano and Ram will prepare the tooth in the office, then take a noninvasive scan of the prepared tooth and send it to a specialized lab to fabricate the dental crown. Within a week or two, the crown returns, and patients come back into the office to have it bonded in place.

Ready to discuss the benefits of a ceramic cap for teeth?

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