Using dental fillings to address cavities

One of the most prevalent persistent health conditions is tooth decay, or “cavities.” While this condition is entirely preventable, it can sometimes still occur within the smile due to various reasons. When it happens, there is an affordable and effective way to restore the tooth and prevent the decay from becoming more significant. In San Jose, California, this is done by Drs. Provenzano and Ram, with composite cavity fillings, or “tooth-colored dental fillings.”

What are composite cavity fillings?

To restore decayed teeth, many dentists in the past used materials such as silver amalgam. Silver amalgam fillings are composed of approximately 50% mercury, a toxin to the human body. Many studies continue to show that silver amalgam in filling materials is not safe and can lead to mercury toxicity. Instead, the team at Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc encourages patients to use tooth-colored composite cavity fillings when addressing areas of tooth decay. This composite resin substance is used to fill areas of decay and seal off the tooth to reduce the risk of infection inside the tooth. The composite material does not expand and contract the same way silver amalgam or metal fillings can, leaving the tooth compromised.

How long do dental fillings last?

Dental fillings are not permanent, though they can last many years before they need replacing. The dentist checks the integrity of dental fillings during routine dental visits to ensure they are doing their job and protecting the natural tooth appropriately.

Do dental fillings hurt?

When placing dental fillings, our dentists will use proper anesthetics to ensure patients are comfortable during the entire process.

Can you eat after a dental filling?

Yes! The composite resin fillings are hardened with a special light that ensures the restoration is firm and functioning immediately after one’s appointment.

Do you need to restore decayed teeth?

Don’t feel embarrassed by your condition. When you visit the dentist for fillings, you are proactive toward protecting the rest of your smile from tooth decay and disease. We welcome you to call the practice of Dr. Natalie K. Provenzano at (408) 226-2542 to request a consultation visit at 6020 Hellyer Avenue, Suite #100. We are open to new patients and families needing general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care.