When you visit Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc. near Edenvale, San Jose, our friendly team will make your entire family feel right at home. Families from neighboring Edenvale have been visiting our office for years because we offer safe and effective family dentistry for all ages. Our goal is to provide comfortable, affordable dental services near you. As a fee-for-service office, we currently accept most forms of dental insurance and even offer affordable payment plans so that you never have to miss out on necessary dental care due to finances.

Dental Treatment For The Entire Family

Drs. Natalie K. Provenzano and Or Simel love helping children develop and grow into healthy adults. Services offered at our office cover a wide array aimed at family members, both young and old. Early dental experiences and the habits children are taught at a young age play a significant role in how they view their oral health as adults. A bad dental experience at a young age could leave the youngest members of your family in a place they actively avoid visiting as adults. This is why our dentists strive to provide comfortable experiences that leave a positive, lasting impression. Our team wants every member of your family to feel welcome from the moment we greet you until you leave.

What Is Family Dentistry?

When you go to a family dentist, they will understand the specific challenges that each member of your family may face based on their age. A young child will require unique and different care than a teen or senior member.

  • Pediatric Dentistry helps the youngest members of your family grow into healthy young adults. Because young children’s oral health is constantly growing and developing, there are unique challenges that must be addressed when they present themselves.
  • Teen Dentistry presents another set of distinctive needs, including the need for possible orthodontic work as teeth settle in their final place once the last baby teeth have fallen out. These rapid changes in your teen’s oral health need to be managed so that, as they move into adulthood, they will have a beautiful and healthy smile.
  • Adult Dentistry is necessary to ensure that your oral health remains in great shape. While you have moved out of the development stages, your teeth will still require preventive and restorative care so that any dental disease can be addressed before it turns into a more significant issue. Also, cosmetic dentistry is very popular among our adult patients.

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Our Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc. team welcomes you and your family to our San Jose, CA office. We take great pride in the dental services we provide to families in the Edenvale area. Please call our office today at (408) 226-2542 to schedule an appointment.