How to Deal with Impacted or Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth, medically known as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt within the smile. Their arrival typically occurs when patients are late teenagers or young adults. Unfortunately, these teeth are known for becoming problematic for many patients. The wisdom teeth may become impacted due to lack of space to erupt through the gum line, causing patients pain when the wisdom tooth is trying to come in. Additionally, wisdom teeth that partially erupt may be susceptible to cavities and periodontal disease because they are far back in the mouth. San Jose, California area patients, dealing with impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth will want to visit Natalie K. Provenzano, DDS, Inc, to discuss possible removal.

What can be done about wisdom teeth?

Our ancestors needed the wisdom teeth to enjoy foods such as meat. However, now, we no longer require these teeth due to the changes in our diet. Because they are often difficult to push through the gum line and contribute to problems, many patients elect to remove them from the mouth permanently. There is nothing wrong with doing this, as it is better to have them removed than to wait for them to cause problems to the patient’s health.

How is removal done?

Removal is done with oral surgery or simple extraction, depending on the position of the wisdom tooth when removal is performed. Teeth that are impacted underneath the gum line will benefit from removal through surgical extraction. In contrast, wisdom teeth that have erupted can be pulled during a simple procedure in the dental office. Oftentimes, extraction by a specialist dentist, known as an Oral Surgeon, is recommended. Dr. Simel is our in-house specialist Oral Surgeon and has gone through extensive post-dental training. He is capable of handling simple extractions as well as more difficult surgical extractions, and offers IV sedation for patient comfort.

Learn more about wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth removal

If you have an impacted molar or a partially erupted wisdom tooth, it is crucial that you learn more about concerns that often arise with these particular teeth. San Jose, California area patients can book an appointment with Drs. Provenzano, Simel, and Ram to discuss their concerns. Call (408) 226-2542 to request a visit with our team at 6020 Hellyer Avenue, Suite #100. We are proud to serve the areas of Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Fremont, and Los Gatos, California.