Oral hygiene recommendations and treatments with Dr. Natalie K. Provenzano

After the age of 35, adults begin to lose more teeth to periodontal disease (or gum disease) than to cavities. In fact, 75% of adults are affected by this condition at some point during their lifetime. That is why patients must take a proactive approach to care for their smile to prevent unwanted and irreversible damage to the smile. That includes playing an active part in brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly. Dr. Natalie K. Provenzano and her team of professionals in San Jose, California, encourage patients to ask about the benefits of good oral hygiene and how to protect the smile from cavities and gum disease.

Proper oral hygiene steps to take towards a healthier smile!

  • Routine dental visits. The American Dental Association strongly recommends visiting the dentist at least every six months for an evaluation and thorough cleaning. Patients should also contact their dentist when they notice changes in their smiles or have problems that develop.
  • Brushing the teeth. Brushing the teeth is the easiest step towards a healthier smile. Patients should brush after every meal when possible and use proper technique and appropriate supplies to do so.
  • Flossing between the teeth. At least once a day, patients should floss their teeth to remove food particles that can become trapped in-between them that contribute to cavities or disease.
  • Care for sensitive teeth. Some patients deal with sensitive teeth that can make it painful to enjoy their favorite foods. Our dental team can make recommendations for products such as medicated toothpaste or prescription mouthwashes to ease sensitivity.
  • Choosing the right products. There are many oral healthcare products that patients can choose from, and with the help of our team, we can make appropriate recommendations to ensure the best results.

Schedule time to speak to the team about your oral hygiene needs

Oral hygiene is one of the essential steps towards excellent oral health and wellness and requires patients to provide daily care for their teeth and gums. If you want to speak to a dental professional about the proper steps towards better oral hygiene, connect with the Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc team by calling (408) 226-2542. The office is located at 6020 Hellyer Avenue, Suite #100, and accepts new patients and families in the San Jose, CA community and beyond!