Periodontal disease maintenance for maintaining a healthy smile

An infection that starts in the gum tissues is periodontal disease and can spread if not treated. Also known as gum disease, this gum infection can significantly damage the smile in many different ways. First and foremost, patients will notice redness, swelling, and bleeding when brushing and flossing. Then the condition causes shrinking gum tissue, loss of natural jawbone, and even loss of adult teeth. With a definitive diagnosis and proper perio maintenance, patients who have developed this condition can bring their smiles back to health. The Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc team is here to assist!

What is periodontal maintenance?

Patients diagnosed with periodontal disease will find that the condition, if left untreated, can be damaging to the smile as a whole. Once the condition has developed, the infection can only be controlled, not cured. That means that patients will need deep cleanings, sometimes referred to as scaling and root planing, which specifically cleans all the teeth and gums below the gumline where the bacteria live in a way that restores the health of the gums. It is sometimes combined with antibiotic treatment to address the infection. Regular perio maintenance cleanings as well as general cleanings after the initial deep cleaning will maintain the benefits of the deep cleaning.

Do I need periodontal maintenance?

Oral hygiene habits are so important to maintain a healthy smile. Without brushing, flossing, and routine visits with the dentist, patients are putting their smiles at risk. When patients are diagnosed with periodontal disease, they must work with their dentist to address the infection and maintain the tissues, bone, and teeth. If you need periodontal maintenance, your dentist will educate you on how to proceed. Gum infections should be treated without delay. Patients interested in information for preventing gum disease need to consult with our professionals to find a solution for their needs.

Are you in need of periodontal disease maintenance?

If you are dealing with gum infection and need perio maintenance cleanings or antibiotic treatments, call Drs. Provenzano and Ram of San Jose, CA. Located at 6020 Hellyer Avenue, Ste. #100, you can reach our front office team by calling (408) 226-2542.