Professional Teeth Whitening Options for a Healthy and Vibrant Smile

Do you desire a whiter smile? Are you unhappy with staining and darkening that has occurred over time and can’t be addressed with over-the-counter teeth whitening systems? San Jose, California, area patients interested in learning more about professional bleaching solutions are welcome to contact Natalie K. Provenzano, DDS, Inc, team to discuss the advantages of professional teeth whitening solutions.

What teeth bleaching treatment is available in San Jose, California?

Patients interested in learning more about the benefits of teeth bleaching can book an appointment with Drs. Provenzano and Ram, to find out what can be done. We do not offer laser teeth whitening at our practice, as these treatments often result in extended periods of sensitivity. Instead, we offer bleaching with custom-made trays and professional-strength bleaching gels that patients can use at home to brighten their smiles.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The results of professional teeth whitening can last many months with proper care and maintenance. Patients who have our whitening trays and gels are encouraged to use the trays and gels every now and then to boost the whitening of the smile and maintain the results over time. Patients will also want to take care when enjoying foods known for darkening the teeth, including coffees, teas, and red wines.

Is teeth whitening safe?

When patients use the whitening trays and gels provided by our dentists as directed, we can assure them that whitening is done safely and effectively. The whitening products available at the practice are more potent and concentrated than those available on the shelves at the local drugstore, and also contain a desensitizing agent to decrease post-whitening sensitivity. They can only be obtained by a dentist, and instructions will be given in order to ensure patients are using them appropriately.

How do I learn more about professional teeth whitening?

Teeth bleaching with professional products is the best way to whiten teeth. If you live in or around the area of San Jose, California, and want to speak to our team about your needs, call the office at (408) 226-2542 to request an appointment at 6020 Hellyer Avenue, Suite #100.