Bone Grafting

in San Jose, California!

By Dr. Natalie Provenzano

A dental bone graft is required when bone loss occurs in the jaw.

This procedure is typically performed before the insertion of dental implants or when bone loss affects surrounding teeth.

Bone grafts provide density and volume to your jaw in regions where bone loss occurs.

Once the bone graft is in place, it creates space for your body to remake healthy bone.

At Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc, we will do an oral examination to assess the health of your gums, teeth, and jaw before developing a specific treatment plan to match your needs.

A small slit in your gums will be made during dental bone graft surgery.

The gum tissue is pushed back slightly so the jawbone can be seen. The bone grafting matter is used to correct the defect after cleaning the area.

If you suspect that your jawbone is deteriorating, dental surgery can help you regain your oral health, function, and general quality of life.

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