Dental Bridges

Bridging the gaps in your smile

Dental bridges are one of many restoration options that can replace missing teeth.

Often made out of porcelain, dental bridges can replace one or more teeth and are often used as a fixed alternative to partial dentures. Dental bridges are either cemented onto existing teeth on either side of the gap or they may be placed over a dental implant.

Dental bridges were used to create a stunning, complete smile for this patient.



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I’ve been with Dr Provanzano and her dentistry family for many many years. They’ve always take. Good care of me and my family.  I moved from San Jose almost 5 years ago and I still drive down for all my dentist visits which is a 2.5 hr drive. Today I had an emergency right before Christmas and they told me to come on in. Thank goodness I was only 1.5 hrs away and Dr Provanzano made room for me fixed me up! Thank you Dr Provanzano snd your team for always being there for me!! KWM

Kristy Walker-Meraz

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