Dental Fillings

Myths vs. Facts

Myth or Fact?

A dental filling doesn’t last long

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That’s a MYTH!

FACT: Dental fillings can last for over a decade! They can break or become worn down over time, so have regular dental cleanings to keep them in good shape or to replace them when necessary.

Myth or Fact?

Your tooth can still decay even after you have a filling

That’s a FACT!

FACT: As a filling wears down, decay can occur again, or a new cavity could form on the same tooth. Regular cleanings and maintenance can prevent this from happening.

Myth or Fact?

Dental fillings are unattractive

That’s a MYTH!

FACT: Dental fillings can be made of many different materials, including gold or tooth-colored composite resin, which blends in with your smile. Did you know composite resin fillings can even be dyed in different colors, such as blue or pink?

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