Dr. Natalie Provenzano

Make us the ‘dental home’  for your kids in San Jose, California!

We love introducing children to dentistry at Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc. We take all steps to ensure it’s a fun, exciting, fear-free event for them so that their future dental visits aren’t anxiety-ridden.

When should kids have their first dental visit?

By their first birthday, preferably after their first tooth erupts from the gum line.

The first visit would decide how they consider future dental visits, so we make it enjoyable and free of fear.

What happens during the first dental visit?

We put kids at ease by educating them on what we will do and letting them see the tools we will use in their treatment.

We provide the best chair-side manner, so they are comfortable. We keep sessions short and fun but thorough.

Follow-up visits

We encourage kids to visit us every six to nine months for cleanings and checkups.

This would alert us to any problems that may crop up so we can take preventive action early. Sealants or fluoride applications may be some of these measures.

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