Periodontal Disease  Maintenance

for a healthy smile in San Jose, California!

By Dr. Natalie Provenzano

Periodontal Disease 

is an infection that begins in the gum tissues and can spread if not addressed.

This gum infection can seriously harm the smile in many ways.

redness, inflammation, and bleeding

Patients will first detect

when brushing and flossing.

The disorder causes diminishing gum tissue, loss of natural jawbone, and potentially adult tooth loss.

The Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc

staff can help individuals who have developed this issue restore their smiles

to health with a definitive diagnosis and regular periodontal maintenance.

Patients will benefit from extensive cleanings,

also known as scaling and root planing, which clean all of the teeth and gums below the gum line,

where germs live, to restore the health of the gums.

If you have a gum infection

and require periodontal maintenance cleanings or antibiotic treatments,

please contact our front office team at