What is involved in deep teeth cleaning?

The infection that can develop in the smile can result in significant damage is periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also referred to by dentists as gum disease, is a condition that is often caused by poor oral health habits. Patients who do not brush, floss, and visit their dentist every six months are putting their smile at risk of developing dental diseases such as this. The team at Natalie K. Provenzano DDS, Inc, in San Jose, California, educates patients on the benefits of deep teeth cleaning when infection and cavities are persistent.

What is deep teeth cleaning?

Also referred to as scaling and root planing, deep teeth cleanings are performed by our dental hygienists to remove agents such as calculus, tartar, and plaque that can lead to and worsen conditions such as gingival inflammation and periodontal disease. This treatment is often done at a different appointment than a standard cleaning patients receive during their six-month routine checkups.

Is deep cleaning teeth necessary?

Patients will schedule a consultation visit and initial evaluation with Drs. Provenzano, Ram, and Simel to decide if scaling and root planing are necessary. They can determine if more aggressive cleaning and antibiotic treatment are needed to control the infection associated with periodontal disease. During this evaluation, they will also educate patients on what they need to do at home to improve the health of their smiles. That may include prescription products such as toothpaste and mouthwashes for infection control.

Does deep cleaning teeth hurt?

Some patients might experience some mild discomfort, but this is often well-tolerated. Our hygienists gently administer anesthetic to the gum tissue to keep the patient comfortable during the deep cleaning. When compared to the consequences of not getting scaling and root planing performed, many patients are okay knowing that this step is one in the right direction of healing the smile from periodontal disease.

Do you want to learn more about the causes and prevention of dental diseases?

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